The Jaw-Dropping Health Secret I Discovered after 15 years in the Food Industry That Changes Everything You Think You Know About Food, Genetics & Disease
....The Secret 'THEY' Spend Millions On Every Year To Keep You From Finding Out
....The Secret I Am Risking My Financial & Professional Life EXPOSING
....The Secret You Can Use To Fix Health Problems You Thought Were UnFixable, Genetic or Cause By Old Age
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Thursday May 27, 2021 @ 7:00pm (CST)
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Here's What People Are Saying....

My Blood Pressure Dropped Like a ROCK - OVER 100 POINTS! My Doctor was in SHOCK!

After already having had 2 heart attacks I was skeptical at first, but after Just 4 months of Using The FoodFix Secrets my blood pressure dropped from 210/140 to 109/80, my average glucose level dropped from 350 to 130 and I easily dropped 68 lbs and my A1C dropped almost 2 full points.  My Doctor was in such shock he checked it 3 times to be sure, hugged me and asked me what I was doing that could make this big of a difference in my health. Neither of us ever believed it was even possible!"
- Jim (Cookeville, TN)

I have tried every diet out there. I would have NEVER guessed it was this simple. 74lbs Down!!!

Down 74lbs in just 5 months. Plus, the terrible arthritis and pain in my hip is almost all gone. I am so much happier. This is INCREDIBLE!
- Ashley (Woodbury, TN)

I was overweight all my life & hurt every time I ate....

But then I started using the FOODfix secrets & my Blood Pressure Dropped almost 30 points. Acid Reflux almost 100% Gone. I literally feel better than I did at 45 and I am 61.
- Jeff (Dowelltown, TN)

My doctor said, "whatever your doing, keep doing it!"

This is AMAZING!

In 4 months I lost 34 lbs. My Triglycerides dropped over 100 points, from 199 to 94. Blood Pressure dropped from 140/90 to  117/74. I was Pre-Diabetic with an A1C of 6.2, but now 5.4. These FOODfix Secrets are AWESOME!
- Dave (Sparta, TN)

Hosted By Restauranteur & Author, Rawlin Vanatta

- After 15 Years of Experience in the Food Industry and having built a 2 Location Restaurant Business Worth Approximately 2 Million Dollars. Winning Small Business Awards & Being Voted BEST of the BEST in Food Over Multiple Years, Rawlin Vanatta Decided To RISK EVERYTHING By EXPOSING A Hidden FOOD SECRET That He Discovered In His Quest To Improve the Health of His Family, His Employees & His Customers.

- Inside This Masterclass You Will DISCOVER The ONLY PROVEN Way to Completely Reverse Our Most Devastating Diseases Like Chronic Digestive Diseases, Acid Reflux/GERD, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes and Even Obesity, EVEN if it ALL "Runs in Your Family".

- What You Will Learn Will SHOCK YOU to Your CORE! "Save Your Seat" Today!
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